Now there's a new resource for consumers who have been victimized by these rogue moving companies, a new resource that you and your family can rely on - MoveRescue.

With on toll-free phone call to MoveRescue, consumers can connect with a wealth of valuable move-related assistance. From direction and guidance to legal counsel, MoveRescue is your resource for information and support from trusted moving industry professionals.

MoveRescue is a service created with two simple goals in mind: Provide support to consumers who have been scammed by "rogue movers. Provide educational resources to consumers to help prevent being scammed by "rogue movers."

MoveRescue offers consumers a connection to assistance, information and a nationwide network of legal professionals.

Along with improving consumer awareness, MoveRescue has assisted in move-related incidents by helping consumers get possession of belongings that have been held hostage.

If you feel that you've been scammed by a disreputable mover - whether you've been forced to pay outrageous unforeseen charges or your belongings are being held "hostage" - the first step toward resolving your issue is action.

Connect with MoveRescue online at or by calling our toll-free number 800-832-1773. You'll find information and assistance, as well as help in determining how to choose a professional mover. Or, to find out more about your rights and responsibilities when moving, visit MoveRescue's Web site for pre-move education tips. For more information you could check American Moving and Storage Association.


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