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Your furnishings are inventoried, wrapped with quilted pads and sealed in wood vaults. The vaults are stacked three or four high in a temperature-controlled, bonded and licensed warehouse. An insurance bond is on file with the Commissioners of Public Safety. Mullen has two bonded warehouses with full-time staff in Massachusetts and three facilities in New York State.

Furnishings with fabric and overstuffed furniture are double wrapped. First we seal the piece with stretch wrap and then Mullen applies a three-ply international wrap. These furnishings are placed in a rack designed for large furniture. In this way, nothing is resting on the furniture, removing any chance of indentations of cushions.

The Department of Defense Military Management Command approves all Mullen storage centers. The centers are independently inspected quarterly by The Army Corp of Engineers. The facilities are fire protected with sprinkler systems and monitored 24/7 for forced entry, motion, low heat and low pressure.

Mullen owns all of its facilities and does not utilize rented facilities. The warehouses are designed for storage of household goods.

Access to the storage facility is restricted to Mullen Personnel. Other tenants or businesses do not share the facilities. Office and warehouse staffs are on site Monday thru Saturday. Seventy-two hour notice is required for access.

A storage contract and warehouse receipt is issued to each client. Attached to this is your inventory of items received for storage. The contract defines your rights and responsibilities with the warehouse. Your storage relationship is one of bailee and bailor.

Please ask a Mullen Moving Consultant about getting an estimate of cost and valuation options.

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