Mullen is a fifth generation family business. Patrick Ryan Mullen held a Stevedore License and operated out of New Bedford, Massachusetts Seaport delivering freight from the shipyards to merchants and homes in the surrounding Bay area.

In the early 1900s with the expansion of rail service, Mullen moved west and settled in North Adams, Massachusetts. From their location on State Street, freight was prepared and drayed out of the Heritage Park Rail Yard. The service was performed with teams of horses within Berkshire County in western Massachusetts.

Ownership of the company was transferred to Patrick's son, Martin Thomas Mullen, in 1921. With the advent of motorized trucks, Martin expanded the drayage operation and developed a freight line informally known as "the loop" - a three-time-a-week trip beginning in Massachusetts, north into Vermont, east into New York, south to Albany, the back to N. Adams.

In 1942 the business was bequeathed to Martin's wife, Gertrude Craven Mullen. Gert operated the business alone until her son Jack returned from World War II.

In 1946 Jack returned from the war and learned and grew the business. Jack expanded the loop and purchased Senshaw Moving in Glens Falls, NY; Saratoga Van in Saratoga Springs, NY; and McCormick & Sons, in Schenectady, NY.

In 1980 Martin Mullen entered the business full time - the fourth generation with Mullen Mayflower. 1980 also marked the deregulation of the moving industry.

To meet the demands and opportunities of deregulation, Martin began diversifying and specializing in related businesses - transportation, warehousing, and packaging.

Mullen specializes in Facility & Industrial Moving, Museum and Library Relocation, International Household Goods Forwarding, Climate-Controlled Warehousing and Transportation, Information Storage & Management, and High Value prototypes and furnishings moving, packaging, and transportation.

During the 1980s Martin created The Archive - Information Storage & Management, Pack N' Ship, and Mullen's Minis Self-Storage Mini Warehouses and Trailer Storage.

Martin purchased Mullen Mayflower and the related companies in 1989.

In 1997 Martin purchased Consolidated Freightways terminal in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and started Mullen Logistics, LLC, a commercial Warehousing and Distribution Company.

In 2002 Martin purchased Downing Personal Storage Company expanding Mullen's Minis, Inc., which now includes four self-storage facilities and truck rental and leasing companies.

In 2005 Mullen will complete a state-of-the-art warehouse, storage and distribution facility in Saratoga County New York.

Mullen remains a family-owned and operated business with Ethan Oberwager, the fifth generation, working during his summer break from high school moving furniture.

Mullen is licensed by: the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy, the Federal Highway Administration, The United States Department of Transportation, Public Service Commission of the State of New York, and the Military Traffic Management Command.

Mullen is a member of multiple trade organization, including but not limited to the Massachusetts Movers Association of which Martin Mullen is a former director, the New York State Movers Association, the American Moving & Storage Association, the Self Service Storage Association and the Employee Relocation Council.

Mullen is both bonded and insured for Workers' Compensation, Automobile, and Property, Liability with Umbrella, and Loss & Damage to Cargo (Inland Marine) coverage.








Corporate Headquarters
50 Downing Two
Pittsfield MA 01201