A. Environmentally Friendly Moving Totes
The totes are an environmentally friendly alternative to corrugated as Mullen reuses them. Made of recycled plastic, they are rugged and lockable providing an extra layer of protection, and peace of mind, as the boxes can be sealed with a zip tie or a pad lock – pack, stack and relax with Mullen’s Big Orange Box.

B. Five Man Trucks – Save the Ozone Layer
Mullen has begun the conversion of their equipment to accommodate five men. With energy costs at an all time high, the transportation component becomes expensive when transporting personnel to and from the job site. So instead of using two trucks to transport five men we only need one, thereby cutting your equipment cost in half. And, cutting diesel emissions into the environment in half as well.

C. Recycled Corrugated
Mullen recycles those boxes it can and they are available at half price.

D. No Foam Here
Only corrugated peanuts made from recycled corrugated.

E. Moving Pads
All moving pads are made from recycled fabric.

F. What about Bio Diesel?
Bringing this fuel alternative to market does greater damage to the environment than running our fleet on diesel. When the damages to the environment and energy expense are proved to be less costly than running regular old diesel engines, Mullen will begin converting to the use of Bio-Diesel. Until such time, Mullen feels diesel powered trucks are less damaging to the environment and consume less energy.

G. Containerization.
Mullen has available portable storage and moving containers for both local and long distance moving. With energy costs at an all time high and with the ability to place three containers on a tractor trailer, thereby running one truck instead of three, Mullen has decreased emissions by an estimated 66%.



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