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Mullen has perfected the art of moving masterpieces. With Mullen, it isn't merely a job, it's an art. While many movers may claim to be "Fine Art Movers," Mullen actually has refined moving to an art.

The fine art and exhibit services division focuses on the crating, protective packaging, and safe transportation of statuary and paintings. Custom crating, foam in place, glassmask, glassine paper, bubble wrap, and 5-ply cushion craft are among the many materials used for preparation and packing.

Transportation is done via padded, air-ride van. Each van is equipped with a lift-gate for safe loading and unloading. For sensitive shipments, two-person driving teams, constant surveillance service, exclusive use, and climate-controlled van service are all available.

Exhibits on tour are set up years in advance both domestically and internationally. In addition, storage services can be arranged for both the collections and the crating while the collection is on display.

Mullen's experienced personnel have painstakingly moved some of the finest collections in America:

The Smithsonian Institute
The J. Paul Getty Trust
Sotheby's Inc.
The Norman Rockwell Museum
The Clark Art Institute
The Williams College Museum of Art
Union College's Fine Art, Rare Books & Manuscripts
Skidmore College
The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art
New York State Museum of Natural History
Schenectady Museum & Planetarium
The Hyde Museum
The Bennington Museum
The Berkshire Museum
Universal Studios
The Glenmede Trust Company Private Collectors


"A collection in transit is a collection at risk. When a work of art is on the move, it is at its most vulnerable to accidental damage, environmental shifts, and theft. The museum is grateful to Mullen Brothers for their professionalism and expertise, which made possible a safe and successful move our collections."

Maureen Hart Hennessey,
Curator, The Norman Rockwell Museum

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50 Downing Two
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