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To protect your collection, leave it to Mullen. Whether it is a corporate, public, private, institutional or scholastic collection, trust Mullen to relocate your library in order, safely, securely, on time and on budget. Some of the finest collections in America are glad they did:

The Lucy Scribner Library, Skidmore College
The Shaffer Library, Union College
The Williamstown Municipal Library
The Guilderland Town Library
The Berkshire Athenauem Public Library
The Richmond Municipal Library
Schroon Lake Municipal Library
Ballston Spa Public Library
The Crandall Library
Dunbarton Oaks Library - Pre-Columbian Studies Division
Adirondack Community College Library
Castleton College Library
SUNY - Albany
Empire State College
Continental Insurance Company
The Norman Rockwell Museum Library
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Berkshire Preparatory School
Brighton Preparatory School
Darrow Preparatory School
The Pine Cobble School
Cain, Hibbard, Myers & Cook, PC
Krolick & Degraff, P.C.
Donovan & O'Conner, P.C.
GE Power
GE Plastics

Private Collections of:

Gov. Mario Cuomo
Gov. William Vanderbilt
Alfred Gwynn Vanderbilt
Cole Porter
The Estate of Nat King Cole
Sinclair Lewis
Frank Sinatra
Jimmy Van Duesen
William Randolph Hearst

If one collected all the movers in the country, none would stand out more than Mullen for providing hassle-free moves tear-free. There are times you don't want to be moved to tears.

Special Collections

In conjunction with our wholly owned subsidiary, The Archive, Mullen provides packaging, management, climate-controlled storage and transportation for archival, historical and rare book collections and valuable papers. If you have a collection to move, leave it to Mullen.

Each text or valuable paper is carefully prepared for shipping. Depending on the condition of the collection and its final destination, i.e., permanent vault storage, new shelf location within the same building, or a new shelf location in another building, the collections will be prepped differently. Typically, however, our experienced collection packers begin by wearing surgical gloves and wrapping the valuable text in acid-free paper. Then Mullen creates an inventory and location detail of the material. The text is then placed in a locked tote or a library bin for transport.

Transport is via trucks equipped with cell phone and Halon extinguishers. The trucks are air conditioned to maintain control over the environment. The trucks are also locked with a padlock and security seal. The seal number is recorded on the bill of lading and the chain of custody manifest. The driver is a full-time Mullen employee, bonded, licensed and insured. In addition, each driver has passed a DOT physical and drug testing, and is equipped with a pager.

Mullen offers true climate controlled storage off-site for valuable papers in a Class 125-2 Hour, and 350-4 Hour Underwriters Laboratory Certified FireLock Vault. The Vault area controls temperature and humidity as well as access through a biometrics iris scanner. Additionally, through, Text-Trak, The Archive tracks your collection via bar code scanning. For your peace of mind, we make it possible for you to view your collection on the web.

Requests for retrieval can be done via the web, fax or phone. The location of each text is always known. Retrievals are available 24/7. In an emergency, a text can be delivered STAT - within one hour. Our "Lookup Service" allows you to dial in and locate a book by author, subject, title or catalogue number. If a text has been withdrawn, it will indicate to whom the text was given, on what date, and the expected return date. Expect the best from Mullen, and you get it.

"I take this opportunity to extend sincere thanks to you and the crew involved in the Fine Arts Equipment Move earlier this month. Despite the blizzard conditions here, the move was completed in record time without incident or delay."

Walter J. Wontz

Corporate Headquarters
50 Downing Two
Pittsfield MA 01201