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It is imperative when moving files that all files remain in order, no files are lost or misplaced and active files remain accessible during the relocation. Mullen will meet with your personnel to determine a time line, budget and plan for relocating your files in a safe, prudent and realistic manner.

Confidential files are moved in plastic containers with security seals. Lateral files are moved intact within the file cabinet by utilizing Mullen's Spider Crane when the layout of your office permits. Further, Mullen uses rolling file carts so your information assets can be accessible during the move if necessary.

Should you have inactive files which need safekeeping, Mullen owns The Archive and has five record centers for the storage and management of files and data. The Archive will work in conjunction with Mullen to develop a plan that meets your needs. When relocating your office, it is an excellent opportunity to establish an off-site storage and disaster recovery plan. For more information on records retention and management please visit our site for The Archive.

Mullen is experienced in moving everything from laptops to silos. Local or long distance, Mullen will meet with your IT planners and set up a relocation plan so your data processing is uninterrupted and your data is secure well before the actual physical move takes place. Mullen has relocated Government Processing Centers, Federal Bank Data Centers and Major Retail Processing Centers.


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