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Mullen goes to great lengths to protect your cargo and it starts with the Mullen personnel who are bonded, licensed, van-line qualified, van-line certified, in uniform and subject to random drug testing.

Further, Mullen protects your interests by making sure each person on your job is insured for Workers' Compensation. So if someone gets hurt they have the necessary health care coverage to receive the quality care they deserve, but as equally important, you are protected from Third Party Lawsuits brought by the injured person who was performing work on your property. Certificates of insurance will be provided on all commercial and industrial moving jobs.

For larger projects, if you require a performance bond, Mullen will provide you with a quotation for this.

Mullen trucks are equipped with Satellite Tracking Systems, cell phones and pagers. Constant surveillance service is available as well as exclusive use expedited service with two person driving teams.

Confidential information is transported in sealed containers and trucks, with a chain of custody manifest.

Warehouses are protected with Biometrics Retina Scanners, Motion Detectors, Card Swipes, Low Heat Alarms, Low Pressure Alarms, CCTV and that is just the beginning.

So when you need to transport or warehouse sensitive items contact Mullen to have a consultant meet with you and develop a plan to have confidential and sensitive cargo kept that way.


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